Global Styles

This is the global styles page for my custom theme, hilldawg. I don’t mind sharing this page with you because it’s a great example of how to organize and define style guidelines for your website.

Heading 1

I’m including paragraphs between each of the headings to check for spacing and line height. This will also help me to understand how the line length is affected at different screen sizes, to inform at which screen width I’ll need to size down the larger heading text.

Heading 2

You’ll notice that these headings look less important the further down they go. Heading 1 is the first priority heading. It’s usually the heading tag used for the title of a page.

Heading 3

Search engines use heading tags to understand how a web page is organized. Lesser headers like H3-H6 are used to organize content, but may not be used to flag information as relevant because they indicate a lower priority.

Heading 4

The last three headings can be used as stylistic dividers. WordPress no longer supports native tags H4-H6 because their utility is diminished.

Heading 5

These tags are appropriate for indicating sections of your site like recurring modules or widgets. For example, the “Recently Posted” title of your recent posts widget, which often appears in the header, shouldn’t be flagged by search engines because the title of that widget area is not relevant to the content on your site.

Heading 6

Because I don’t use H6 for anything in particular I have it styled identically to the h5 tag.

Here is some italic text. Here is some bold text.

This is what text links look like.

This is one of my favorite quotes.