DSS Botanik Website

For the Fall semester of Digital Society School’s trainee program at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, I was teamed up with data scientists and programmers to research the potential for an automated solution to harassment and hate speech on Twitter.


A screenshot of the botanik.dss.cloud home page.

I built a website to detail our process and the outcomes of our experiments, as well as the details explaining our approach, ethical justifications and questions, and references. This custom WordPress solution that is still evolving as we finalize our research for publication.

Sprint 1 Prototype

A screenshot of the Sprint 1 Prototype web page.

Earlier iterations on the display of our research were less designed for user experience and more geared toward thoroughly covering all of our research in the early stages of the project.

The project was divided into five three-week sprints. The first sprint gave us a wealth of information that we wanted to be able to access quickly and easily. The result is an interactive web page that breaks down our research into five categories: where is online abuse happening, how is abuse happening, who is involved in online abuse, why is abuse happening, and what will we (our team) do about it.

The prototype was designed to be used on laptops and tablets.